Processing method for cooking and baking hen

Processing method for cooking and baking hen

  • CN 101,461,545 A
  • Filed: 12/19/2007
  • Published: 06/24/2009
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/19/2007
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1. the Lu of a hen bakes processing method, it is characterized in that with fresh and alive hen be raw material, through the hen converted products of supporting temporarily, slaughtering, putting in order, pickling, Lu boiling, dry up, toast, wrap up, but preservation under room temperature is made in vacuum packaging, sterilization, cooling step, procedure of processing is as follows:

  • (1) raw material;

    with fresh and alive be raw material through the qualified hen of quarantining;

    (2) support temporarily;

    in feed, add cloves and pepper, and feed after mixing thoroughly with liquor made from sorghum, vinegar and raise, fed again in 30 minutes at interval and raise once, the second time hello raise and slaughtered in back 1 hour;

    (3) slaughter;

    adopt the neck bloodletting to slaughter, place 60-70 ℃

    hot water to scald 60-100 second, epilation depilation then then;

    (4) arrangement;

    the chicken trunk after will losing hair or feathers cuts open thorax, gills, and cleans up;

    Can split half point according to processing specification needs cuts;

    (5) pickle;

    the chicken trunk after the arrangement is pickled with the salt pickling liquid, and salting period 40 minutes to 3 hours is pickled temperature and is controlled at 3-5 ℃

    , pickles the end back and with clear water chicken is rinsed well, and drain;

    (6) Lu boils;

    chicken after will pickling and Lu boil liquid and put into jacketed pan, and the mass ratio that chicken and Lu boil liquid is 1;

    1-2, and the jacketed pan vapour pressure is controlled at 0.05-0.09MPa, after boiling steam is turned down, and the Lu that keep-ups pressure boils 35-55 minute, and spins upside down several times;

    (7) dry up;

    the chicken that Lu boils after the end is taken out, hang on the stainless steel shelf, dry up the chicken surface with air-cooler, and chicken is cooled to rapidly below 40 ℃

    , time 40-60 minute;

    (8) baking;

    the chicken that Lu boils after the end is taken out, hang on shelf, send in the baking machine and toast, 40 ℃

    of baking initial temperatures heat up gradually, and end temperature reaches about 100 ℃

    , time 40-60 minute;

    (9) wrapping;

    wrap up with lotus leaf the chicken outside after will toasting, and wraps up with straw again;

    (10) vacuum packaging;

    the chicken after chicken after will drying up or the wrapping is packed and vacuum seal with the clad aluminum foil bag;

    (11) sterilization, cooling;

    the chicken that vacuum packet is installed is packed into and sends into retort immediately behind the retort basket and carry out sterilization processing, sterilization conditions;

    115-121 ℃

    , and time 30-60 minute, the back-pressure cooling, back-pressure 0.012-0.016MPa is cooled to below 40 ℃


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