The manufacture method of piezoelectric vibrator, quartz member and piezoelectric vibrator

The manufacture method of piezoelectric vibrator, quartz member and piezoelectric vibrator

  • CN 101,471,639 B
  • Filed: 12/16/2008
  • Issued: 08/10/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/28/2007
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1. a piezoelectric vibrator, AT is cut quartz wool blanket and is formed structure by wet etching by itBecome the thinner wall section of vibration section and the heavy section adjacent with vibration section, wherein, for by quartz crystallographic axisThe X-axis as electric axis, the Y-axis as mechanical axis and as optical axis Z axis constitute right angleCoordinate system, by using the above-mentioned X-axis in this coordinate system as center, make the above-mentioned Y-axis of above-mentioned Z-axis direction-Y direction tilt the axle after 35 degree 15 points as Z '"'"' axle, will centered by above-mentioned X-axis, makeAxle after the +Z direction inclination 35 degree 15 points of the above-mentioned Z axis of above-mentioned Y-axis is as Y '"'"' axle, above-mentionedIt is to be made up of the face comprising above-mentioned X-axis and above-mentioned Z '"'"' axle that AT cuts quartz wool blanket, and thickness direction isAlong the direction of above-mentioned Y '"'"' axle,Above-mentioned piezoelectric vibrator is characterised by,Above-mentioned AT cuts quartz wool blanket and has the X '"'"' intersected vertically respectively along Z " axle and with this Z " axleThe edge of axle, wherein, above-mentioned Z " axle by make above-mentioned Z '"'"' axle+side centered by above-mentioned Y '"'"' axle toThe +X direction of above-mentioned X-axis rotates and makes as the positive anglec of rotation during above-mentioned Z '"'"' axle with above-mentioned Y '"'"' axle isThe heart is at-60 °

  • to-25 °

    or-35 °

    to 0 °

    or the model of more than-35 ° and

    less than-25 °

    Spinning then obtain,Any one from+Y '"'"' axle side interarea or-Y '"'"' axle side interarea that formed of above-mentioned thinner wall section is enteredOK, in the case of having carried out etching from+Y '"'"' axle side interarea, at least at+Z, " axle side end is arrangedHeavy section, in the case of having carried out etching from-Y '"'"' axle side interarea, " the axle side end at least at-ZHeavy section is set,In above-mentioned thinner wall section, the end beyond the end being provided with above-mentioned heavy section is provided with heavy sectionNon-formation region.

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