Vehicle parking apparatus

Vehicle parking apparatus

  • CN 101,503,917 B
  • Filed: 01/20/2009
  • Issued: 04/24/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/20/2009
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1. vehicle parking apparatus that is installed in the roadside has pedestal (4), column (3), upper platform (1), upper platform elevating mechanism, lower floor'"'"'s platform (2), lower floor'"'"'s platform lifting mechanism, control device, supporting auxiliary tool to form:

  • Described pedestal;

    one-sided two root posts (3) that are fixed with on the long limit of its framework, be used for the support of upper platform, column is to the one-sided location of upper platform, and lift drive mechanism adopts motor, hydraulic pressure, Pneumatic Transmission mode to realize;

    Described upper platform;

    Be cantilever construction, directly be fixedly connected with coaster and be integral;

    Or employing cable-stayed type, platform one side hinge links to each other with fall block, opposite side adopts hinge also to be connected to fall block by diagonal member (5), slide block, diagonal member (5) has at least two joints to form, the realization telescopic can slide between joint and the joint, slide block has the relative sliding of LAP to cooperate with fall block in vertical direction, and mechanism kinematic is as follows;

    During without vehicle parking, upper platform (1) is at ground location, and diagonal member (5) length is the shortest, overlaps with platform surface, does not affect the enforcement of vehicular traffic;

    During the upper platform parked vehicle, driving mechanism promotes first slide block and moves to the upper end extreme position at coaster, diagonal member is elongated to the extreme position bearing tension, continue to promote slide block band fly block and rise along guide rail, upper platform rises to the parking place height of setting under coaster hinge and diagonal member effect;

    Described lower floor platform;

    be the road surface compensating platform, to fill up the ground drop that stays because of after the upper platform rising, the lifting distance of lower floor'"'"'s platform is very little, and lifting process only bears the platform own wt, and the form that adopts spring to add the electromagnetic locking pin realizes;

    mechanism kinematic is as follows;

    When upper platform rose, lower floor'"'"'s platform rose to ground level under the effect of spring restoring force, the just in time contraposition of the dowel pin and socket of electromagnetic lock rationed marketing, and alignment pin inserts locating hole and pins lower floor'"'"'s platform under the effect of spring;

    When upper platform descends, alignment pin is at the effect lower stress of electromagnetic force, the moment alignment pin of upper platform contact lower floor platform is eliminated with the locating hole active force, and alignment pin is extracted locating hole out under the electromagnetic force that continues, and lower floor'"'"'s platform is in the promotion lower compression spring decline of upper platform.

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