KVM switch

KVM switch

  • CN 101,504,598 A
  • Filed: 06/13/2008
  • Published: 08/12/2009
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/04/2008
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a KVM switch is characterized in that, comprising:

  • One or more master station ports, be connected with user'"'"'s master station, each master station port comprises one or more input media interfaces and one or more audio unit interface, these input media interfaces are in order to transmit a plurality of input media signals, and these audio unit interfaces are in order to transmit a plurality of analogue voice signals;

    A plurality of computer ports are connected with a computing machine, and each computer port comprises an independent USB (universal serial bus), and these USB (universal serial bus) are in order to transmit these input media signals and a plurality of digital audio signal;

    One switching device shifter, have one or more master station side ports and a plurality of computer-side port, each computer-side port is connected with this USB (universal serial bus) of these computer port one, this switching device shifter respectively these master station side ports optionally are connected to these computer-side ports one of them;

    One or more universal serial bus concentrators, each universal serial bus concentrator correspond respectively to these master station ports one of them, each universal serial bus concentrator has end interface and a plurality of end interface down on one, should go up end interface and this switching device shifter these master station side ports one of them is connected these following end interfaces one of them or a plurality of these input media interfaces that are connected to this master station port of correspondence wherein;

    AndOne or more sound coders, one of them is corresponding with these master station ports one of them and these universal serial bus concentrators respectively for each sound coder, each sound coder has a digital end and one or more analogy end, this digital end be connected to this corresponding universal serial bus concentrator these down end interfaces one of them, this analogy end is connected to these audio unit interfaces of this corresponding master station port.

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