Colour conversion for a multy-primary display

Colour conversion for a multy-primary display

  • CN 101,518,046 A
  • Filed: 09/17/2007
  • Published: 08/26/2009
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/20/2006
  • Status: Active Application
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1. primary conversion method more than a kind, be used for qualification linear color space (X, Y, the input vector (CIP) of the input color of pixel Z) conversion (CON) become to have the n kind display primary that is used to drive the Show Color space (P1 ..., the driving vector (PD) of the component of n Pn), this driving vector (PD) comprises that being used to drive m organizes display primary (P1,, m Pn) sub-driving vector (PDi), described conversion method comprises:

  • -(X, Y determine (5,6 in Z) in linear color space;

    9,10) input vector (CIP) is with respect to three colour gamut (FG, ELG, the position at least two the border (CB) ELCG), described colour gamut is by the display primary (CP1 through conversion, CPn) limit, wherein said three colour gamut (FG, ELG, ELCG) expression;

    comprise the full gamut (FG) that to utilize described m to organize all colours of sub-driving vector (PDi) reproduction, comprise brightness such as have and can utilize described m organize all colours that each group in the sub-driving vector (PDi) reproduces etc. luminance sub-gamut (ELG), and comprise each that can utilize described m to organize that each group in the sub-driving vector (PDi) reproduces have wait brightness and etc. colourity all colours etc. brightness with etc. the sub-colour gamut of colourity (ELCG);

    -(border ELCG) (CB) goes up selection (3 for FG, ELG in described three colour gamuts;

    12,13) two boundary vectors (CB1, CB2) so that can according to these two boundary vectors (CB1 CB2) carries out interpolation to input vector (CIP),-according to two boundary vectors (CB1, CB2) the position definite (3 of input vector (CIP) with respect to described selection;

         14) interpolation factor (u), and-in described Show Color space according to two boundary vectors in interpolation factor (u) and this Show Color space (PB1, PB2) driving vector (PD) to the color of representing input vector (CIP) carries out interpolation (4;

         11), described two boundary vectors (PB1, PB2) with described linear color space in described selection two boundary vectors (CB1, CB2) corresponding.

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