Method for directly preparing electronic grade phosphoric acid by yellow phosphorus

Method for directly preparing electronic grade phosphoric acid by yellow phosphorus

  • CN 101,531,353 B
  • Filed: 04/28/2009
  • Issued: 09/25/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/28/2009
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1. directly produce the method for electron-level phosphoric acid with yellow phosphorus for one kind, adopt industrial yellow phosphorus as raw material, it is characterized in that its method is:

  • A. purity is reached 99.9% industrial yellow phosphorus through purifying the pretreated combustion tower of putting into, purify pre-treatment and be and adopt method for washing to remove mechanical impurity and carry out purification separation according to the proportion difference that contains the yellow phosphorus of different impurities;

    B. feed through multilevel oil removal, removal of impurities, the wet air of control toward industrial yellow phosphorus, feed the air of combustion tower by the control wet treatment, the mol ratio of the Vanadium Pentoxide in FLAKES that moisture and reaction produce in the tower fully burns industrial yellow phosphorus between 0.02~


    The P that c. will burn and produce 2O 5Gas is sent into the absorption tower, uses the absorption that circulates of the electronic industry one-level of GB/T11446.1-1997 or ultrapure water that the secondary water requires;

    D. after the phosphoric acid concentration of absorption generation reaches 85.0%-87.0%, send into the phosphoric acid purification finishing apparatus, through the yin, yang ion remove, aeration, multi-stage filtration purifying treatment, the filtering accuracy that filters employed strainer is;

    0.05--1.0 micron, and use the method dearsenification of adding dearsenic agent;

    E. the phosphoric acid after will handling purifies and also uses the clean packaging bucket that product acid is packed under ten thousand grades or thousand grades of purifying air environment;

    In above-mentioned processing step, the material of related contact with phosphoric acid medium equipment, pipeline and packaging vessel adopts PTFE, stainless steel, PFA, PP and HDPE to make.

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