Rolling bearing arrangement

Rolling bearing arrangement

  • CN 101,542,145 A
  • Filed: 10/31/2007
  • Published: 09/23/2009
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/31/2006
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. rolling bearing arrangement (1;

  • 1 '"'"';

    1 "), preferably has 0.5m or, for example be used for particularly being rotationally connected in the category of wind blade bearing structure, described rolling bearing arrangement (1 more than the large-size rolling bearing of the diameter of 0.5m;

    1 '"'"';

    1 ") have two elements (2;

         3) of the annular that is provided with alternately of region-type concentrically and at least each other;

    each that is used to be connected two equipments unit that can reverse relatively is above one; and

    have gap (11) between described connecting element (2;


    thus described connecting element (2,3) can be looped around the connecting element (2 of described annular,

         3) center, relative the reversing of axis of imaginaries with the planar annular approximate vertical, wherein, at described connecting element (2, be provided with at least two row'"'"'s rolling elements (21 in the zone in the described gap (11)

         3), 22;

    24,24 "), it is characterized in that,A) connecting element of described annular (2,3) is completely or partially overlapped diametrically,B) and one or more raceway (19,20,25,26) that is used for rolling element (21,22) be arranged on like this in the radially overlapping areas (10,16) of annular connecting element (2,3) so that rolling element (21,22) and two raceway (19,25;

    Connecting line between the center of point of contact 20,26) is equal to, or greater than 75 °

    with respect to the bearing angle that described planar annular surrounded, for example be equal to, or greater than 80 °

    , preferably be equal to, or greater than 85 °

    , particularly be equal to, or greater than 88 °

    or be similar to lucky 90 °

    (rolling element of big bear angle " have row ")C) and the described rolling element of wherein at least one row (it is 15 °

    or littler bearing angle that 24,24 ") have, and is 10 °

    or littler for example, is preferably 5 °

    or littler, in particular for 2 °

    or littler (rolling element of little support angle " have row ").

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