Comprehensive utilization method for recycling manganese oxide slag

Comprehensive utilization method for recycling manganese oxide slag

  • CN 101,543,830 B
  • Filed: 05/05/2009
  • Issued: 10/01/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/05/2009
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1. the method for comprehensive utilization that manganese oxide slag reclaims, is characterized in that:

  • its step is as follows;

    (1) screening;

    adopt screening plant to sieve electrolysis rear oxidation manganese slag, the granularity of manganese oxide slag is definite according to the requirement of total score optional equipment, and granularity is at 10~

    120 orders/cm 2between, through screening, remove impurity, ensure to enter the granularity of total score optional equipment material;

    (2) dilution is stirred;

    add water to dilute stirring, make impurity and manganese oxide slag maximum disengaging to the greatest extent in manganese oxide slag;

    (3) comprehensive sorting;

    adopt permanent-magnet drum eccentric inner surface axial sorting equipment or permanent-magnet arc-shaped groove inner surface axial sorting equipment to carry out comprehensive sorting;

    Permanent-magnet drum eccentric inner surface axial sorting equipment comprises support, pipe magnetic separator assembly is housed on support, the eccentric cylinder of eccentric cylinder assembly is housed in the pipe magnetic separator of pipe magnetic separator assembly, because pipe magnetic separator is relative with eccentric cylinder eccentric, field intensity, gradient are progressively by being decreased to greatly zero, in the larger region of bias, the material that relative magnetic susceptibility coefficient is higher is stripped from and falls within high magnetic hopper;

    Permanent-magnet arc-shaped groove inner surface axial sorting equipment comprises;

    support and cylinder assembly, the cylinder of cylinder assembly is equipped with the permanent-magnet arc-shaped groove of concentric permanent-magnet arc-shaped groove assembly outward, permanent-magnet arc-shaped groove top open-loop design, is adsorbed on the material that cylinder relative magnetic susceptibility coefficient is higher and relies on the gravity of self directly to fall into high magnetic hopper;

    The difference of the relative magnetic susceptibility coefficient of each composition in above equipment utilization manganese oxide slag, manganese mineral belongs to weak magnetic mineral, its relative magnetic susceptibility coefficient X=100~

    600 ×

    10-6cm 3/ g, carries out sorting to manganese oxide slag, reclaims concentrate and heavy metal part in manganese oxide slag;

    (4) dehydrate;

    manganese oxide concentrate is dehydrated;

    (5) packaging;

    reaching into the manganese oxide ore of ore deposit grade of sub-electing from manganese oxide slag packed, and the manganese metal content that enters ore deposit grade is 30%;

    (6) materials for wall or the composite slag cements of making are made in composite produce concrete retardation agent or mixing, compacting;

    1. composite produce concrete retardation agent;

    First, remove the harmful components in manganese oxide slag, manganese oxide slag is substituted to gypsum in the ratio between 5~

    15%, join in clinker, as cement retarder;

    2. mix, suppress and make materials for wall;

    According to cement;


    20%, lime;


    10%, flyash;


    40%, manganese oxide slag;

    the burnt-free walling material that 30~

    75% weight ratio is made through mixing, after compressing;

    3. the composite slag cements of making;

    Through sorting rear oxidation manganese slag, its main component is dihydrate gypsum CaSO 42H 2o and quartzy SiO 2, through 600 DEG C~

    900 DEG C temperature calcinings, excite its activity, part place of cement, substitution ratio is 10~


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