The control replacing integrated circuit card shows device and network system

The control replacing integrated circuit card shows device and network system

  • CN 101,577,656 B
  • Filed: 05/19/2009
  • Issued: 10/07/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/19/2009
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1. the method utilizing internet to set up the proprietary wide area network of business;

  • Its technical characteristic is;

    it is filled device formed by the proprietary wide area network of business, integrated circuit card, net;

    The proprietary wide area network of business, its technical characteristic is;

    several business browsers of certain unit, cash dispenser, deposit machine, net fill device, excellent machine and database server, adopts local area network technology, forms a business station;

    The excellent machine at each business station, by distinguishing machine, is connected with the router on internet, is just built into a proprietary wide area network of the reliable business of unit safe;

    The business of carrying out over this network is exactly Network;

    This unit is exactly network units;

    Wherein business browser is available to the device of the microprocessor that browser software is housed, memory and the display that client uses;

    Cash dispenser and deposit machine are the terminating machines being only used as to withdraw the money, deposit;

    They and business browser be merged into have get, the business browser of savings function;

    An excellent machine in each internal lan of unit or dedicated network, all passes through input/output interface separately, distinguishes that the output/input interface of machine is connected respectively with one;

    Each distinguishes machine all by router and Internet connection;

    The information of certain computer transmission of internal institution local area network (LAN) or dedicated network, after being sent to machine of the distinguishing encryption be connected with the excellent machine of this internal lan, transmitted by internet, then distinguish that machine is deciphered through another internal lan of receiving terminal or dedicated network, be reduced into original information, be forwarded to the receiving computer of another network;

    The information that outer computer on internet sends to each internal lan computer, after being reduced into original information and checking that virus confirms its safety, is transmitted to LAN computer, ensure that Information Security by machine of the distinguishing deciphering of recipient;

    Excellent machine network, its technical characteristic is;

    in an internal network of network units, and that have the external service function of this unit or that this unit specifies according to the needs of externally service conventional computer, is called excellent machine;

    This network is called excellent machine network;

    Distinguish machine, its technical characteristic is;

    respectively with excellent machine or its network, and internet be connected to each other and control the conventional computer of these two network interoperabilities, be called the machine of distinguishing;

    Unit by common computer network carry out business, be called Network;

    Common computer network is carried out the unit of Network, is called network units;

    Between the proprietary wide area network main frame of business, as follows by the communication of internet;

    From the information that the source computer business station sends;

    Through the excellent machine of source, the source that " program of audit program " and " source encipheror " are housed arriving source distinguishes machine;

    After elimination virus and encryption;

    Pass through internet;

    Machine is distinguished to the egress that " egress decrypted program " and " program of audit program " are housed;

    Through deciphering with after checking virus;

    Forward the excellent machine of egress to;

    Finally arrive egress object computer;

    In the system of business station, the machine of distinguishing at each business station is equipped with identical " program of audit program ", " source encipheror " and " egress decrypted program " standardization program;

    Like this, every platform distinguishes that machine all can be monitored the information at import/export business station, and the illegal access to each business station of refusal;

    " program of audit program " function;

    source checks information after distinguishing that machine receives cleartext information, after finding program wherein, they are arranged together, and be temporarily stored in external memory, be also presented on computer screen simultaneously;

    If these programs are the legal procedures allowing its access;

    Then user is when there is prompting in first time, selects " later all can allow " final election item, when meeting these programs after distinguishing machine, again can not inquire, and allow it to access;

    Do not reply within the regular hour as user or select " not allowing " final election item, distinguishing that machine just abandons this program;

    Source distinguishes prow elder generation and this program of isolated operation;

    After the machine of distinguishing is installed " program of audit program ", just prevent virus attack from distinguishing the excellent machine network that machine is protected;

    " source encipheror " function;

    the source of network units distinguishes that machine is after the cleartext information for being sent by common network, adds the secret key of symmetric cryptography;

    By this data splitting input one-way hash function, draw source hashed value;

    Then adding source hashed value by not comprising after key plain information, being encrypted with key, becoming ciphertext;

    Egress of finally this ciphertext being seen off distinguishes machine;

    " egress decrypted program " function;

    the egress of network units distinguishes that the decrypt ciphertext of reception becomes expressly by the key shared of machine as offered, obtains cleartext information and source hashed value;

    Key is added after the cleartext information not comprising hashed value;

    By this data splitting, the one-way hash function that input is arranged in advance, obtains egress hashed value;

    This egress hashed value is compared with the source hashed value received;

    If these two hashed values are identical;

    Then confirm that this information distinguishes what machine sent from legal source, accept this information;

    Be sent on the egress receiving computer in the excellent machine network of this egress, otherwise abandon this information;

    Integrated circuit card, its technical characteristic is;

    support the use with browser, has data processing and memory function;

    Adopt the technology that display and integrated circuit or light accumulate road combine, the display with microcomputer function made, is called net reading and writing formula liquid crystal display, is called for short net and fills device;

    Its technical characteristic is;

    it is intelligentized microcontroller;

    Not only there is Presentation Function, and there is the information processing function;

    It is equipped with microprocessor and the memory of identification and control software design, and read-write equipment and display are housed;

    Can raise the price to information, encrypt and modulation treatment and end-to-end and authentication;

    Can raise the price to information again, encrypt, modulation and demodulation, deciphering, decoding;

    This confidentiality with regard to guarantee information, integrality and authenticity.

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