Feeder assembly for laser imaging apparatus

Feeder assembly for laser imaging apparatus

  • CN 101,578,557 B
  • Filed: 01/03/2008
  • Issued: 09/18/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/04/2007
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. imaging device comprises:

  • Media supply, inside include a lot of photothermographic media sheets;

    Exposing unit, the output meshing point that comprise the input meshing point that formed by two rollers, is formed by two rollers and therebetween laser module;

    AndThe driven roller pair that forms roll gap, described driven roller is to being provided for receiving the leading edge from the thin slice of described media supply, and be provided for beginning from described media supply extracting described thin slice and drive described thin slice along from the input meshing point of the extended transfer path of described media supply at least to described exposing unit, the direction of transfer length of the described thin slice of Length Ratio of described transfer path is little;

    Wherein working as described leading edge is engaged by described input meshing point, described roll gap is set to open to discharge described thin slice from described roll gap, simultaneously the trailing edge of described thin slice is still in described media supply, thereby so that the remainder of described thin slice at described laser module being extracted out from described media supply by the engagement in the input meshing point of described exposing unit when the desired image exposure is on described thin slice.

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