A kind of method and system realizing self-start of terminal equipment

A kind of method and system realizing self-start of terminal equipment

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  • Filed: 06/19/2009
  • Issued: 12/07/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/19/2009
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1. the method realizing self-start of terminal equipment, it is characterised in thatCOMPUTER DETECTION is to having terminal unit to access and reporting into USB Mass Storage equipmentAfter, it is judged that the filtration drive of described terminal unit is installed and loaded the most, the most directNotify that described terminal unit is switched to user'"'"'s available port;

  • Otherwise, notify on described terminal unitReport into read-only optical disc equipment CD-ROM, be installed and loaded the application of described terminal unit successivelyProgram, device drives and filtration drive, then notifying that described terminal unit is switched to user canUse port;

    Described loading filtration drive comprises the steps;

    Call DriverEntry routine, AddDevice and DriverUnload routine is set;

    Initialize I/O request bag and send function, various I/O request bag is handed on;

    Call the IoCreateDevice function in AddDevice routine, create device object;

    Call IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStack function, the object created is inserted driverIn storehouse;

    Process the IRP_MN_START_DEVICE request that I/O manager can issue, initiallyChange standard or self-defining SCSI command;

    Calling UsbBuildInterruptOrBulkTransferRequest function, creating USB pleaseSeek bag;

    Create I/O request bag, call IoCallDriver function, the URB request bag that will createIt is handed down to lower floor drive, is then then forwarded to terminal unit;

    After described terminal unit receives port switching notice, carry out resetting and re-enumeration, soAfter be switched to user'"'"'s available port.

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