Engine cranking system and engine cranking method

Engine cranking system and engine cranking method

  • CN 101,614,177 B
  • Filed: 06/25/2009
  • Issued: 06/25/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/25/2008
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a vehicle, comprising:

  • Motor;

    Be connected to the motor of described motor, described motor can be used to and selectively starts and start described motor;

    There is the energy storage system ESS of the first voltage level;

    DC-DC transducer, it is configured to the first voltage level raising from described ESS;

    There is the super-capacitor module of second voltage level;

    The first switch, it is connected between described DC-DC transducer and described motor, and be configured to closure in the time the order starting and start described motor being detected, described super-capacitor module is connected to described motor by the closure of wherein said the first switch, thereby provide described second voltage level for described motor;

    Second switch, it is in parallel with described DC-DC transducer electricity by joining end to end with described DC-DC transducer, and optionally closed while being configured to be reduced to during described second voltage level is starting and starting described motor lower than certain threshold value, thereby make described ESS in parallel with described super-capacitor module electricity, and then provide described the first voltage level and described second voltage level for described motor;

    Wherein, when described motor is in the time moving, described module can be charged to described second voltage level by described ESS;

    AndWherein, described module can disconnect with described ESS, thereby carries described second voltage level to described motor, to start and to start described motor.

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