Journal seal for rolling bearings

Journal seal for rolling bearings

  • CN 101,626,847 B
  • Filed: 01/28/2008
  • Issued: 07/16/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/29/2007
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. for the journal packing of the bearing of the roll at mill stand, this journal packing has:

  • -mono-annular seal (50), sealing body is coaxially connected with a roll pins having (2) in the bearing-surface (53) of roll axis (52) structure with it, with there are at least two and deviate from batten (54 sensing, separately with roll axis (52),

         55), this batten directly or indirectly contacts with an annular protrusion (7);

    With-mono-reinforcing element for enhanced leaktightness body (50) (51),Wherein reinforcing element (51) has width (60), this width is greater than two battens (54,

         55) outer distance (59), it is characterized in that, be connected with described roll pins having to sealing body anti-rotation, and reinforcing element (51) is fully inserted in seal (50), with the bearing-surface (53-1 of roll pins having (2) in contacting, 53-2) be respectively symmetrical in batten (54,

         55) midplane radially (61,

         62) construct this bearing-surface (53-1 with each separate structure, 53-2) so design, to annular seal (50) is carried out to radial compression in this wise, make batten (54,

         55) pretightning force and the extension of batten, sealing lip (65), be identical and do not have turning torque to act on batten (54 with respect to annular protrusion (7),

         55) on.

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