Process for compositely braiding wicker

Process for compositely braiding wicker

  • CN 101,648,396 A
  • Filed: 08/28/2009
  • Published: 02/17/2010
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/28/2009
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1. , the composite braided technology of a kind of rattan willow comprises innovation braiding, the braiding of many materials, flocking braiding, the braiding of picture mosaic technology, the braiding of drawing mosaic technology and flocking technique technology, it is characterized in that it comprises the following steps:

  • One, gets the raw materials ready(1) base stock1. purple willow;

    select bar even thickness, peeling, bleaching, broken lobe, mildew-resistant, insect-prevention treatment;

    2. rattan;

    brown rattan, reticulate millettia, kudzu, spun gold rattan, rattan, broken lobe, immersion, mildew and insect proof are handled;

    (2) auxiliary materialMaize peel, the leaf of bamboo, blue or green Pu, wheat straw, straw, rush, banana skin, Banana Leaf, the rope made of hemp, palm fiber, plastic sheeting, birch-bark soak before the use with mildew and insect proof and handle;

    (3) reinforce raw materialHard materials such as iron wire, steel wire, steel pipe, batten, plastics, mao bamboon;

    (4) ornament materialsCarrying out mildew and insect proof before the uses such as tree root, branch, trunk, imperial mulberry, three bifurcation wood, bamboo root, kudzu, bamboo branch handles;

    Two, braiding(1) innovation braiding;

    1. upright the volume;

    first fixed frame, use braided material again, cooperate pattern, longitude and latitude is worn reality up and down, and framework is surrounded tight braiding, up to moulding;

    2. spiral is compiled;

    without warp, only use parallel, with parallel as requested, torsional mode becomes the screw type braiding from bottom to top, according to designing requirement, carries out different pattern and changes in the braiding process, is intertwined and connected with short-term between the different parallels or follows closely that the pneumatic gun nail is upright to be fixed;

    3. turn round volume;

    fixing warp, many parallels are pressed mutually and are twined equidirectional braiding, generally twine big parallel with little parallel, and rising twist weaves;

    4. nail is compiled;

    carry out mould earlier, along die edge, to weave good soft material or braiding pattern design earlier, with the stickfast of nail pneumatic gun, remainder is filled with the longitude and latitude weaving and is connected, according to the layout requirement, at the different different patterns of zone nail system, different products has different nail system methods, and is fixed-type up to arranging;

    5. other stubble is compiled;

    carry out the framework of specification shape earlier, carry out big longitude and latitude, short parallel interts graticule, and the backspace braiding, allows short parallel not on big longitude and latitude, and two ends are equidirectional, and makes joint outwards and frame plane maintenance certain angle, is hedgehog after the moulding;

    6. squeeze and compile;

    with the fixing big longitude and latitude of hard material, be welded into iron frame or make wooden frame, use soft material again, as thin wire, the rope made of hemp, Sargent gloryvine or other raw materials, interspersed layer by layer braiding, or with relevant appearance pattern, elder generation weaves good and is fixed on the framework, carry out little longitude and latitude again and intert braiding, product can be with the variation of framework, thereby is woven into the product of different size and shape;

    (2) many materials braiding is to be major ingredient with the rattan willow, carries out single patterns such as circular flower, bougainvillea, rhombus earlier with wheat straw, the rope made of hemp, makes framework with the reinforcing raw material, knits the material fit pattern with the rattan wicker plaiting article more constantly pattern to be enrolled integral body, finishes multiple material to weave;

    (3) flocking braiding, be to adopt upright the volume or other stubble volume technology assembling-disassembling, stayed certain space during braiding, again the pattern of flocking is fixed in the space, or implanted article interted on assembling-disassembling, weaving and flocking technique technology are integrally combined, make fineness and ornamental handicraft product is arranged;

    (4) picture mosaic technology braiding, be to carry out design earlier, carry out framework with hard material, weave surface plate with the flat sennit technology, according to the pattern of picture design, make corresponding pattern and pattern fragment again, be fixed on the flat board with pasting, follow closely way upright or that inlay with materials of different colors, make the pattern of the pattern of moulding and design consistent, handle back formation through spraying paint and inlay baskets craft;

    (5) drawing mosaic technology braiding, be to carry out design earlier, carry out surface plate with hard material, finish main figure with different drawing technology, make corresponding pattern and pattern fragment with different braided materials again, flowers, birds, fish and insects of Weaving pattern etc., with the way of pasting, nail is compiled and inlayed, be fixed on the flat board, after handling through spraying paint, handicraft.

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