Method for improving survival rate of pomfret fry

Method for improving survival rate of pomfret fry

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  • Filed: 08/25/2008
  • Issued: 01/22/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/25/2008
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1. improve the method for survival rate of pomfret fry, measure the ripe soma of parent fish of pomfret in natural waters and fat content, the fatty acid percentage composition of the natural waters pomfret young, the ratio of DHA/EPA/ARA during body fat acid forms, is characterized in that according to the fat content of the soma of parent fish of pomfret and the pomfret young, fatty acid percentage composition measurement result, take inkfish liver oil, refined fish oil, vs Duo-xi-kang and peanut oil becomes the oil emulsion of DHA/EPA/ARA=2.5/1.0/0.2 ratio as mixed raw material;

  • With above-mentioned oil emulsion, by the dosage that adds 0.25g, 0.35g and 0.45g in every liter of wheel animalcule cultivation water body, strengthen respectively brachionus plicatilis 12 hours, the survival rate that statistics wheel animalcule is strengthened the fat content of measuring wheel animalcule and fatty acid form;

    At pomfret fry, cultivating density is 15000-20000 tail/cube water body, under the condition of illumination 1000-5000lx, water temperature 20-24 ℃

    , by identical management condition by silvery pomfret 3~

    12 age in days prelarvas of throwing something and feeding respectively of wheel animalcule after each group strengthening, the good wheel animalcule of primary reinforcement of throwing something and feeding on every 4 hours of daytime, each wheel animalcule density 5-15/ml that throws something and feeds;

    Survival rate and the long growth of body, body fat and the fatty acid of when prelarva 13 age in days, measuring the pomfret fry of different strengthening bait cultivation form;

    The survival rate of the pomfret fry of feeding according to strengthening wheel animalcule, body increase and fatty acid forms, and determine the allotment ratio of the best strengthening of 3-12 age in days pomfret fry bait;

    The wheel animalcule of throwing something and feeding and adopt the best allotment ratio of DHA/EPA/ARA to strengthen bait strengthening to continuously for the 4th day to 12 days silvery pomfret seedling from prelarva membrane.

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