Automatic selective separation of rotten citrus fruits system

Automatic selective separation of rotten citrus fruits system

  • CN 101,678,405 B
  • Filed: 02/26/2008
  • Issued: 11/02/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/27/2007
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. an automatic selective separation of rotten citrus fruits system, it is designed as the rotten fruit that identification is positioned on the first conveyer (1)Real system, described in be positioned on the first conveyer (1) fruit be moved through processing line, and fruit at least existsRotate on path sections corresponding to observation parts simultaneously, utilize the ultraviolet of the light sending spectrum UV-A wave bandIrradiation light determines rotten effect possible in fruit, the system is characterized in that, this system is along fruit transmissionPath one after the other includes:

  • Computer observing unit (3), the fruit transmitted for observation;

    Automatic rejection unit (4), for rejecting the fruit being identified as rotten fruit;

    Position control (5), for controlling the position of each fruit being identified as rotten fruit;

    Overall control parts (6), are connected with each and each in workpiece and they are integrated;

    Computer observing unit (3) includes the cabin to outer closure and two observation parts, and two observation parts are allBeing provided with the MAF type photographing unit of two monochromatic sensors, described first conveyer (1) is run in described cabin,Described cabin includes that ultraviolet radiator (3a), described ultraviolet radiator (3a) are radiated on fruit, instituteStating photographing unit and irradiate the fluorescence sent thereon for absorbing fruit due to ultraviolet light, described photographing unit is joinedThere is Image Acquisition card, for the image that described photographing unit is absorbed being sent to overall control parts (6);

    A left side being positioned at by region in two described photographing units, another is positioned at the right side by region, and twoIndividual described photographing unit is overlapped by region (C) to public, is arranged in laterally across on the relative position of line, fromAnd two described photographing units are it is observed that the fruit transporting through described computer observing unit (3) is biggerSurface portion;

    It is glimmering that the detection of one described sensor is rotted the irradiation of ultraviolet radiator (3a) described in region response and sentLight, another sensor is furnished with near infrared filter for detection and the ultraviolet relevant infrared ray component of transmitting,And the slight disappearance observing in produced image is allowed when it is in the face of rotten region.

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