The security module of protection coded signal and system and method used in combination

The security module of protection coded signal and system and method used in combination

  • CN 101,686,124 B
  • Filed: 09/23/2008
  • Issued: 11/09/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/23/2008
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. the security module for using during protection coded signal security, this security module includes:

  • Signaling interface for receiving enciphered signals;

    The HPI that can couple with main frame;

    Memory module;

    The processing module coupling with described signaling interface, described HPI and described memory module, this processing module can be led toCross operation to implement lower column processing;

    Receive the deciphering through encryption from main frame via described HPI;

    Form the deciphering that can be operable to decipher coded signal by deciphering is performed to the described deciphering through encryptionDeciphering;

    The described deciphering deciphered is sent to main frame via described HPI;

    Coded signal is sent to main frame via described HPI;

    By security signaling monitor described in the security of deciphering deciphered, in order to detection is with regard to the described deciphering decipheredThe potential of code is distorted, and described security signaling is in response to described main frame during transmitting described coded signal to described main frameThe deciphering of described coded signal is generated by described main frame and is sent to described security module via described HPI,Wherein, described security signaling includes according to interval to described main frame transmission hash code input data, and wherein, described in supervisionThe security of the deciphering of deciphering includes having updated hash code output data from the reception of described main frame, having dissipated the renewal receivingRow code output data have updated compared with hash code output data and when the output of renewal hash code receiving with expectedData with expected updated hash code output data comparative result unfavorable when potential distorting detected;

    AndWhen the deciphering deciphered described in the instruction of described security signaling exists potential distorting, stop coded signal via describedHPI is sent to main frame.

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