Be used to prepare the method for alkene oxide

Be used to prepare the method for alkene oxide

  • CN 101,687,832 A
  • Filed: 04/24/2008
  • Published: 03/31/2010
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/08/2007
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1. continuation method that is used to prepare alkene oxide comprises the steps (a):

  • (a) alkene and hydroperoxide are reacted existing under the condition of catalyzer, to obtain to contain the mixture (Ma) of alkene oxideWherein said step (a) comprises at least one reactions steps (i), in reactions steps (i);

    (1) be reflected at least 3 parallel connections reactor R1, R2 ... carry out among the Rn, wherein all contain catalyzer in each reactor, and wherein the standard catalyst load LS and the deviation between the average catalyst loading LSA of given reactor be not higher than ±


    (2) carry out arbitrary preset time of point in the process in reaction, described at least 3 reactor R1, R2 ... at least one among the Rn do not moved and is present in catalyzer in this at least one reactor in order to regeneration, makes at least 2 reactors keep running statuses;

    (3), operate feasible at least 2 reactors of described maintenance running status at above-mentioned time point;

    (3.1) average catalyst load LA is in the scope of (0.8-1.2) LSA;

    (3.2) the catalyst loading L of given reactor is in the scope of (0.5-1.5) LS, and wherein LS is the standard catalyst load of this reactor;

    (3.3) in above-mentioned each reactor the deviation of the catalyst loading L of at least one reactor and average catalyst loading LSA be higher than ±

    5%, and different with the catalyst loading of other each reactors.Wherein the catalyst loading L of given reactor is meant the molar weight of per hour supplying with the hydroperoxide of this reactor with respect to every kg catalyst;

    Wherein the standard catalyst of given reactor load LS is meant;

    supposition is supplied with in this contains the reactor of catalyzer in given reaction times T continuously, makes the catalyst loading of productive rate maximum of the alkene oxide that calculates based on hydroperoxide;

    Wherein average catalyst loading LSA be meant all reactor R1, R2 ... the summation of the standard catalyst of Rn load is again divided by n;

    And the summation of catalyst loading of each reactor that wherein is in running status when the average catalyst load LA of preset time point is meant at this time point is again divided by the number of reactors that is in running status.

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