Stirling cycle machine

Stirling cycle machine

  • CN 101,688,500 B
  • Filed: 04/18/2008
  • Issued: 07/01/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/23/2007
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , for a rocking beam drive mechanism for machine, comprising:

  • Have the rocking beam of swing arm pivot shaft, described rocking beam is contained in the crankcase of described machine, and described crankcase comprises lubricating fluid;

    At least one cylinder, at least one cylinder described is contained in the working space of described machine;

    Regenerator, described regenerator is connected at least one cylinder described and is contained in the working space of described machine;

    At least one piston, described piston is accommodated in the respective cylinder at least one cylinder described, and described piston can substantial linear ground to-and-fro motion in described respective cylinder thus;

    At least one coupling assembly, at least one coupling assembly described to be contained in described crankcase and to have near-end and far-end, described near-end is connected at least one piston described and described far-end is connected to described rocking beam by end pivot, the linear motion of described piston is converted into the oscillatory movement of described rocking beam thus, and wherein said coupling assembly comprises further;

    Piston rod;

    WithLink rod, together with described piston rod and link rod are connected to by coupling arrangement, what described coupling arrangement was configured to described piston rod is occurred is minimized relative to any augular offset of described link rod;

    AndSealing, described Sealing is connected to described piston rod in salable mode,Wherein said Sealing is rolling diaphragm, and described crankcase seals relative to described working space by wherein said Sealing, thus, described Sealing prevents described lubricating fluid from entering in described working space, and wherein said rolling diaphragm is made up of carbon fiber nanotube.

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