polarization conversion system and method for stereoscopic projection

polarization conversion system and method for stereoscopic projection

  • CN 101,688,940 B
  • Filed: 05/09/2008
  • Issued: 02/08/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/09/2007
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1. a kind of polarization conversion system for polarization encoded imagery is sent to projection screen, described system includes:

  • First projecting lens;

    Second projecting lens;

    Polarized light beam splitter, described polarized light beam splitter is operable to pass to described first projecting lens in the first light pathSend the light of the first polarization state, and be operable to reflect the light of the second polarization state to the second light path;

    Reflecting element in described second light path, described reflecting element is operable to described second projecting lens reflectionLight;

    AndLight polarization modulator, described light polarization modulator is located in described first and second light paths and is operable to be rotated through describedThe polarization of the light of light polarization modulator to provide the first and second output polarization states, further joined by wherein said light polarization modulatorPut the polarization state optionally to modulate described first light path and the polarization state of described second light path, to provide identical defeated simultaneouslyGo out polarization state, described identical output polarization state replaces between described first polarization state and described second polarization state;

    Wherein, described first and second projecting lens are operable to guide described polarization encoded imagery to described projection screen;

    Wherein, described light polarization modulator includes the modulator based on liquid crystal;

    Wherein, described system also includes above and being located at described polarized light beam splitter positioned at one of described first and second light pathsHalf-wave plate and described light polarization modulator between.

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