Method for preparing chemical absorbent with porous mineral

Method for preparing chemical absorbent with porous mineral

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  • Filed: 10/16/2009
  • Issued: 03/05/2014
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1. utilize porous mineral to prepare a method for chemosorbent, it is characterized in that the step of the method is as follows:

  • A, porous mineral is crushed to below 200 orders, by 1mol/L~

    5mol/L acid solution or 0.5mol/L~

    2mol/L aqueous slkali soaking, process 2~

    20 hours, use again in the alkali of equivalent or acid and post-drying, described acid is hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid or acetic acid, and described alkali is NaOH or potassium hydroxide;

    Described porous mineral is galapectite, zeolite, kaolin, concave convex rod, sepiolite or diatomite;

    B, by steps A) the porous mineral powder that obtains and surfactant in mass ratio 1g;


    0.5g mix, then use water-bath to heat 1~

    6 hour post-drying at 50 ℃

    80 ℃

    of bath temperatures;

    Described surfactant is CTMAB, stearic acid or sulfuric acid;

    C, the porous mineral powder after drying is joined in the solvent of silicon source, and add carbon source to do finishing, the ratio of porous mineral powder, silicon source solvent and carbon source is 1g;




    0.2g, use water-bath to heat 2~

    6 hours at temperature 60 C~

    95 ℃

    , after cooling, become colloid;

    Described silicon source solvent is ethyl orthosilicate, sodium silicate solution or silicate solution, and described carbon source is lauryl amine;

    D, by colloid in Muffle furnace at 350 ℃

    550 ℃

    of temperature sintering 6~

    10 hours, obtain a kind of carrier, by the carrier direct impregnation obtaining or etc. body be immersed in the liquor potassic permanganate of concentration 3%~

    30%, and then at 105 ℃

    , dry and obtain described chemosorbent.

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