Method for producing zinc by use of high-silicon zinc oxide ore

Method for producing zinc by use of high-silicon zinc oxide ore

  • CN 101,709,386 A
  • Filed: 08/11/2009
  • Published: 05/19/2010
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/11/2009
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1. a method of utilizing high silica zinc oxide ore to produce zinc comprises the steps:

  • (1) grind high silica zinc oxide ore and mix with water, mixing quality is than 0.7~


    1, and it is preheating to 40~

    60 ℃

    , to make hot ore pulp;

    (2) with concentration be the H of 150~

    220g/L 2SO 4Solution is preheating to 40~

    90 ℃


    (3) be transported to hot ore pulp of step (1) gained and the hot sulphuric acid soln of step (2) gained 1;

    3 by volume~

    5 in the reaction vessel continuously, bubbling air makes described reaction vessel internal pressure remain 0.4MPa-0.8MPa, temperature maintenance is at 80 ℃

    130 ℃

    , stirring velocity 200~

    300 commentaries on classics/min, the time of reacting in reaction vessel simultaneously remains 30min~

    180min to carry out the leaching of zinc;

    (4) leaching slurry of discharging in the described reaction vessel forms infusion solution through liquid-solid separation, and the back adopts Zinc hydrometallurgy process to handle described infusion solution, with deironing, purification, electrodeposition, founding, and the output metallic zinc.

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