Navigator and map data updating method thereof

Navigator and map data updating method thereof

  • CN 101,715,543 B
  • Filed: 03/31/2008
  • Issued: 11/23/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/30/2007
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1. a navigator, including:

  • Map data base, storage has multiple map datum, the plurality of map datum to be divided into predeterminedUpdating block and comprise the identification information representing distinguished symbol and the version representing at present more redaction respectivelyThis information;

    Receiving device, for receiving more new data via communication network, described more new data is with describedThe updating block that the updating block of diagram data is corresponding produces, and includes;

    different information, represent moreThe update content of new subject map data, described update content is as relative to the map datum before updatingDifference;

    Identification information, represents the distinguished symbol of described upgating object map datum;

    And version information,Represent the more redaction after updating;

    Sensing device, for reading more new data according to each updating block from record medium, wherein,This record media storage has to have and is contained in predetermined geographic and as multiple maps of upgating objectThe more new data of data, and this more new data be in scheduled time slot produce all more redactions moreNew data;

    AndUpdating device, for using that received by described reception device or passing through described sensing deviceThe more new data read carries out difference update to described map datum,Described updating block is the section obtained by map partitioning becomes predetermined region, and described knowledgeOther symbol is the section ID being dispatched to each section,Described more new data also includes version information in the early time in addition to described version information, this version in the early timeInformation is the information of the most more redaction representing the more new data relevant with upgating object map datum;

    Described updating device has distribution request process portion, and this distribution request process portion selects to comprise to be registered asThe section of the position periphery in user residence, comprise the current location periphery that current location detection equipment Inspection is arrivedSection or comprise when being provided with destination destination'"'"'s periphery or to destination arrange path weekThe section on limit, as request section, sends the distribution request of more new data, and described updating device is the most selectedThe described request section selected, the more new data that use receives by receiving device is to described request sectionMap datum carries out difference update;

    Wherein, for utilize described reception device received described in more new data carried out difference updateDescribed map datum, use be stored on described record medium more new data carry out described map datumRenewal time, described updating device according to the section of each updating block from being stored in described record mediumMultiple renewal extracting data have with described map datum identify information match identification information more New data, and from the more new data extracted again extract have than described map datum more redaction moreFor the more new data of more redaction recently, use the more new data extracted again that described map datum is carried outDifference update, when carrying out difference update, for each section, if had and the knowledge of described map datumOther information match identification information and there is the more redaction more new edition the most recently than described map datumWhen this described more new data existence is organized more, determine each more new data according to more redaction order earlierUpdate sequence, after according to version information confirms that this update sequence is correct in the early time, applies more successivelyNew data and described map datum is carried out difference update.

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