Image recording and regenerating apparatus, and file management method

Image recording and regenerating apparatus, and file management method

  • CN 101,729,538 A
  • Filed: 07/24/2009
  • Published: 06/09/2010
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/16/2008
  • Status: Active Application
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1. image recording/reproducing device, be used for the file acceptance system, in this document acceptance system, from accumulating the source server of the MXF file of preserving the SMPTE form, to the MXF file that the side server transmitted and included above-mentioned material of including that connects via network, this image recording/reproducing device is characterised in thatAbove-mentioned image recording/reproducing device of including the side server possesses:

  • The control input unit, input is with above-mentioned transmission and include relevant order or data;

    Memory cell is stored above-mentioned MXF file;

    Data interface unit, via above-mentioned network, and above-mentioned source server between, based on the FTP transmitting-receiving data relevant with above-mentioned transmission;

    Admin table is to storing preservation with the transmission of above-mentioned MXF file and the processing control information relevant, that record and narrate in above-mentioned MXF file of including;

    AndControl unit, under having imported the situation of including order of being included by the specified MXF file of above-mentioned control input unit, carry out following control;

    Carry out following preliminary step at predefined treatment step, promptly, via above-mentioned data interface unit the FTP order is sent to above-mentioned source server, receive the random index package informatin of the MXF file of above-mentioned appointment from above-mentioned source server, read the record positional information that this MXF file storage is kept at the above-mentioned control information the above-mentioned admin table from the random index package informatin of above-mentioned reception, record and narrate positional information according to this, further specify and receive from above-mentioned source server and above-mentionedly include all required above-mentioned control informations, thereby make above-mentioned admin table;

    After above-mentioned preliminary step finishes, send the download command of this MXF file to above-mentioned source server, interpretation is carried out in above-mentioned control information to the admin table made by above-mentioned preliminary step, the file management that the MXF file that receives needing to carry out is handled, and write storage and include to said memory cells.

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