Radix notoginseng extract and preparation thereof

Radix notoginseng extract and preparation thereof

  • CN 101,732,378 B
  • Filed: 01/15/2010
  • Issued: 07/27/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/15/2010
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a preparation of being made by Radix Notoginseng extract is characterized in that, described Radix Notoginseng extract contains Panax Notoginseng saponin R 15~

  • 10%, the ginsenoside Rg 125~

    36%, the ginsenoside Re 2.5~

    5%, ginsenoside Rb 130~

    39%, the ginsenoside Rd 5~

    10%, ginsenoside Rf, ginsenoside Rh 1, Ginsenoside Rc, ginsenoside Rb 2And ginsenoside Rg 3Be no less than 2%, and Panax Notoginseng saponin R 1, the ginsenoside Rg 1, ginsenoside Re, ginsenoside Rb 1Account for 75~

    95% of gross weight with the ginsenoside Rd;

    Described preparation is lyophilized injectable powder or capsule;

    The preparation method of described lyophilized injectable powder may further comprise the steps;

    get Radix Notoginseng extract 200g, dissolve in right amount with water for injection, add the decolouring of 0.5% needle-use activated carbon, filter, add the injection water, transfer pH to 7.0 to 2000ml, filter, lyophilization promptly gets lyophilized injectable powder;

    The preparation method of described capsule may further comprise the steps;

    Radix Notoginseng extract further is ground into fine powder, crosses 300 mesh sieves, add Radix Notoginseng extract amount 76% starch, mixing, make granule, incapsulate after the Pulvis Talci of adding Radix Notoginseng extract amount 4% mixes evenly, promptly get capsule.

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