Crosslinked polyethylene goods and preparation method thereof

Crosslinked polyethylene goods and preparation method thereof

  • CN 101,743,275 A
  • Filed: 05/29/2008
  • Published: 06/16/2010
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/21/2007
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the formation method of crosslinked polyethylene goods comprises:

  • Non-functionalized softening agent (NFP) blend with polyvinyl resin and toughness reinforcing amount, this non-functionalized softening agent has the viscosity index greater than 120, kinematic viscosity at 100 ℃

    of following 3-300cSt, pour point less than-20 ℃

    , proportion less than 0.86 and greater than 200 ℃

    flash-point, contain the hydroxyl that is selected from wherein said NFP less than 5wt%, aryl, the aryl that replaces, halogen, alkoxyl group, carboxylicesters, ester, acrylate, oxygen, the functional group of nitrogen and carboxyl, be included in carbon number in the olefinic bonds less than 5% of total carbon atom number among the described NFP based on the weight of described NFP and wherein said NFP;

    Described blend is processed into shape of products;

    Make described blend crosslinked and form the crosslinked polyethylene goods.

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