• CN 1,017,476 B
  • Filed: 04/01/1985
  • Issued: 07/15/1992
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/01/1985
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of tape cassete, include:

  • a box shell (1), this box shell has the first main wall and the second main wall (2 that is parallel to each other,

         3), two sidewalls (5), a rear wall (6), an open front (7) that extands rearward to the first main wall (2), one with open front and the inner separated dividing plate (8) of box shell;

    Two wheel hubs (16 that are supported between the two main walls,

         17), they can be around the axle rotation of vertical main wall, the first main wall (2) has two axis holes (4), the driving shaft of magnetic tape station can mesh by them and wheel hub (16,17), and tape (18) is around wheel hub (16,17) on, a section (18a) wherein passes through open front (7) and extends;

    A protecgulum (20), can between detent position and open site, move, and it has a principal part (21), this principal part, cover preceding perforate (7) when being in detent position and pass through that section tape (18a) that open front is extended at protecgulum (20), protecgulum also has lateral lip (22), and each sidewall (5) of this flange and box shell (1) is contiguous mutually, and is connected in above-mentioned sidewall rotationally;

    A slide plate (9 that is positioned at box shell (1) outside,

         39), it has a principal part (10), and the first main wall (2) of this principal part and box shell is adjacent, slide plate (9,30) can be parallel to the direction of the first main wall in box shell upper edge and slide to rear wall (6) guiding from detent position.On detent position, slide plate is locked in detent position with protecgulum (20), and slide plate (9,39) principal part (10) covers open front (7), this opening extands rearward to the first main wall, slide plate slides on the open site with the padlock of removing protecgulum (20) and abdicates towards the passage of open front (7), the side belting of magnetic tape station is inserted, it is characterized in that the second main wall (3) does not all have the hole in its gamut, the principal part (21) of protecgulum (20) is on detent position and second main wall (3) close proximity, slide plate (9,39) principal part (10) when detent position, extend back cross on the first main wall (2) the axle (4) hole to cover them, and slide plate has two holes (15), when slide plate (9, these two holes go out the Kong Lu (4) of above-mentioned main wall when

         39) being in the open site, with at least one padlock spare (27,35) with slide plate (9,39) padlock is on detent position, padlock spare has a door bolt (29,37) and an actuator (30,38) principal part of slide plate (10) is provided with an opening or groove (32,41), they extend back from the leading edge (10a) that has of slide plate (9,39) principal part (10), when slide plate (9, when

         39) being positioned at detent position, actuator (30,38) extend into close end thereafter in the groove (32,41).

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