Film deposition apparatus and film deposition method

Film deposition apparatus and film deposition method

  • CN 101,748,391 B
  • Filed: 12/11/2009
  • Issued: 04/22/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/12/2008
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1. a film deposition system, it is on the surface at least two of interreaction kinds of reactant gasess being supplied in order substrate in flat vacuum vessel and perform this supply circulation, thus the layer of laminated multi-layer resultant of reaction forms film, it is characterized in that,Comprise:

  • Universal stage, it is arranged in above-mentioned vacuum vessel, has the substrate-placing region of mounting substrate;

    Heater unit, it is arranged between the bottom surface sections of above-mentioned universal stage and above-mentioned vacuum vessel, and and be separated with gap between this universal stage and bottom surface sections of vacuum vessel, this heater unit heats the substrate being positioned in aforesaid substrate mounting region by heating this universal stage;

    The top board of above-mentioned vacuum vessel, it is arranged in the mode covering this universal stage from the upper surface side of above-mentioned universal stage across gap;

    1st reaction gas supplying portion part and the 2nd reaction gas supplying portion part, they are arranged in the separated from each other compartment of terrain of the circumference of above-mentioned universal stage, be respectively used to the 1st reactant gases and the 2nd reactant gases to be supplied on the face of the substrate-placing area side on above-mentioned universal stage, the 1st reactant gases is that solid material or liquid starting material are gasified the reactant gases obtained;

    Divided gas flow supply part, it being supplied to the 1st treatment zone of the 1st reactant gases, being supplied to the atmosphere of the 2nd treatment zone of the 2nd reactant gases, for divided gas flow being supplied to the separated region in above-mentioned circumference between above-mentioned treatment zone in order to be separated;

    Venting port, it is for being exhausted each reactant gases be fed on above-mentioned universal stage and divided gas flow;

    And temperature controlling unit, it is arranged on bottom surface sections and the top board of above-mentioned vacuum vessel, this bottom surface sections and top board can be heated to the temperature that above-mentioned reactant gases can be maintained gaseous phase, further, can cool the bottom surface sections heated by the heat from above-mentioned heater unit and top board.

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