Process for efficiently concentrating cordycepin

Process for efficiently concentrating cordycepin

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  • Filed: 01/07/2010
  • Published: 07/07/2010
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/07/2010
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1. process for efficiently concentrating cordycepin is characterized in that this technology may further comprise the steps:

  • A, supersound extraction obtain ultrasonic concentrated solution;


    30 ℃

    of ultrasonic temperature, the extracting solution mass percentage concentration is 30~

    50% ethanol water, ultrasonic time is 25~

    75min, and artificial Chinese caterpillar fungus and extracting solution mass volume ratio are 1;


    30kg/L, and the volume ratio of ultrasonic power and extraction pot is 10~

    30kw/m 3B, membrane filtration concentrate;

    Get above-mentioned ultrasonic concentrated solution, the control temperature is below 30 ℃

    , carry out ultrafiltration, it is 20000~

    40000 daltonian polyamide rolled films that ultrafilter membrane adopts molecular cut off, pressure is 0.4~

    0.6MPa, 3~

    5 hours ultrafiltration time obtained the concentrated solution after the ultrafiltration, and volume is 30~

    50% of a ultrasonic concentrated solution.C, lyophilization;

    In temperature≤

    30 ℃

    , vacuum is lyophilization 35~

    40 hours under 5~

    10Pa condition with the concentrated solution after the ultrafiltration.

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