Thermodynamic parameters object set carries out computer equipment and the correlation method emulated

Thermodynamic parameters object set carries out computer equipment and the correlation method emulated

  • CN 101,779,203 B
  • Filed: 06/13/2008
  • Issued: 08/24/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/20/2007
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. one kind determines the interaction force of object, acceleration and position in succession for emulating the object set merging of interactionThe computer equipment updated, including:

  • Memory (8), it is adaptable to the tree-shaped expression of conservation object set, wherein said tree-shaped expression include containing leaf node and inBetween the node of node, described leaf node represents that the most basic object of articulation object and described intermediate node are each tablesShow an articulation body of an object subset, the most each intermediate node and dynamics data, geometric data and phase interactionBeing associated by data, described dynamics data, geometric data and interaction data depend on the data of its each child node, whereinDescribed interaction data represent the power of certain the given object putting on certain given node or in object subset that this node represents,AndEmulation controller (4), for by the loop start being repeated;

    Object, object subset interaction data distributor (10);

    According to the mechanism (12) about interaction data and geometric data renewal impetus data, for tending to interactionNode travels through tree-shaped expression;

    The mechanism (14) of geometric data is updated, for tending to the node traversal tree interacted according to the dynamics data updatedShape represents,It is characterized in that;

    Memory (8) also comprises the local interaction data being associated with intermediate node described at least some, wherein with one inBetween the local interaction data that are associated of node represent that the object represented by described each child node is by by described each child node tablePower that other object of showing applies rather than due between described object and other object described by the phase interaction of articulationWith the stress caused;

    Interaction data distributor (10) includes the mechanism (20) updating interaction data, for tending to the knot interactedPoint travels through tree-shaped expression, in order to update the interaction number of intermediate node according to the local interaction data about child nodeAccording to;

    Local interaction data include that interaction inventory, described interaction inventory include the knot indicating local interactionThat puts is right;

    The mechanism updating interaction data includes;

    Update the function (32) of the data of interaction inventory;

    The data having updated interaction inventory according at least some update the function (34) of interaction data.

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