A kind of method and system that builds network

A kind of method and system that builds network

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  • Filed: 11/05/2009
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1. a method that builds network (networking), is characterized in that, comprising:

  • One or more circuit of the network equipment are carried out following steps;

    Determine the network equipment is set to high performance operation pattern from power save mode of operation reprovision;

    Send instruction to link partner (linkpartner) before, reshuffling the described network equipmentPart I;

    Send described instruction;

    AndAfter sending described instruction, reshuffle the remainder of the described network equipment;

    Link partner receives described instruction, just starts from power save mode of operation to high performance operation patternReshuffle;

    Receive the remainder that is indicated to the network equipment and completes the described network equipment from described link partnerPoint the time period of reshuffling in, the powering on and reshuffle upper with described link partner of the described network equipmentElectricity occurs with reshuffling to walk abreast;

    The described network equipment is after the reshuffling of the network equipment and link partner complete operation pattern, to linkPartner sends packet;

    Wait for after link partner completes pattern conversion and send packet to ensure link partner reliable reception;

    BaseIn previous exchange message and/or the information that configured by network manager, the described network equipment is known link partnerCompanion'"'"'s conversion required time;

    And the described network equipment need to start to reshuffle first of the described network equipmentWhen part, all complete in the time period of pattern conversion to the network equipment and link partner, buffer memory is received from MACData;

    Between the network equipment and link partner, by link communication, link medium can comprise wireless and optical cable skillArt, for the optical cable medium of link, can be used single mode fibers and multi-mode optical fiber, for the nothing of linkLine medium, link partner can be supported one or more 802.11 protocol suites;

    Link can comprise up to 4 orMultiple physical channels, can lead to by the two or more physical channels that comprise link between link partnerLetter;

    The network equipment comprises use twisted pair physical layer equipment and Ethernet interface;

    Many speed physical layer block of physical layer equipment is for monitoring one or more at physical layer equipmentPart and/or signal, and based on detecting control operation pattern.

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