Cell analysis apparatus and cell analysis method

Cell analysis apparatus and cell analysis method

  • CN 101,842,688 B
  • Filed: 10/24/2008
  • Issued: 02/08/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/29/2007
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1. a kind of cytoanalyze, described cytoanalyze is contained uterus neck epithelial cell in a kind of analysis BiosampleCytoanalyze, including:

  • Detection part, allows the mensure sample comprising the described uterus neck epithelial cell that nucleus is selectively dyeed flow into streamDynamic room, irradiates the described mensure sample flowing through described flow chamber with laser, and detection is described to measure the fluorescence that sample sends;

    Signal Processing Element, according to described detection part output fluorescence signal obtain reflection fluorescence signal waveform height value andThe value of the crest line length of reflection fluorescence signal waveform;

    AndAnalysis component, the value of the described reflection fluorescence signal waveform height being obtained according to described Signal Processing Element and described reflectionThe value of the crest line length of fluorescence signal waveform, distinguishes the aggegation cell of several uterus neck epithelial cell aggegations and single palaceThe non-agglutination cell of neck position epithelial cell;

    Wherein, described detection part has optical system, can be formed poly- on the described mensure sample flow through described flow chamberBurnt hot spot, described focal beam spot along flow through described flow chamber measure sample flow direction a diameter of 3~

    8 μ

    m, perpendicular to describedMeasure a diameter of 300~

    600 μ

    m of sample flow direction;

    Described detection part also detects the forward scattering light that described mensure sample sends;

    The forward-scattering signal that described Signal Processing Element exports according to described detection part, obtains forward-scattering signal rippleThe pulse width of shape and peak value,The pulse width of the described forward-scattering signal waveform that described Signal Processing Element is obtained by described analysis component and peakCell in certain area for the value as analysis target, according to obtain from the epithelial cell as analysis target, reflection fluorescenceThe value of the crest line length of the value of signal waveform height and reflection fluorescence signal waveform distinguishes described aggegation cell and described non-solidifyingCollection cell.

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