The application process of sample inspection system and its device management server

The application process of sample inspection system and its device management server

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  • Filed: 03/30/2010
  • Issued: 10/03/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/31/2009
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1. a kind of sample inspection system, it is characterised in that be to connect sample via network to check circuit, device management serviceDevice, sample channel system, device management server monitoring arrangement come complete sample inspection sample inspection system, aforementioned meansManagement server contains following device:

  • Management is directed to the requirement management department of the requirement of specific sample, management and carried out by operatorThe intervention management department of intervention, management are directed to the priority treatment hoshin kanri portion of the priority treatment policy of specific sample, management sampleThe simulation pipe of the treatment situation of the adjoint sample of the sample inspection system management department of the treatment situation of inspection, simulation priority treatmentReason portion, communication unit and memory storage,Aforementioned means management server has:

    Data are entrusted based on the inspection received from foregoing sample channel system and generatedSample treatment information, the device data of the processing time of circuit is checked with aforementioned sample, based on aforementioned sample processing information andAforementioned device data come the simulation implementation portion of the processing time of analog sample, and generation is output to the monitoring picture on foregoing monitoring arrangementThe screen generating part in face;

    It is foregoing to check that commission data include patient ID, relative importance value, issue an order moment, the moment of requirement and inspection project;

    Aforementioned sample processing information is in addition to including the foregoing aforementioned information for checking commission data, in addition at the beginning of inspectionCarve and check and terminate the expected moment;

    Foregoing monitoring picture has an operating area, the operating area be relative to using now at the time of as basic point, be assigned withSituation about going and predetermined transverse axis from now on, the operation area that the sample shown with the sample strip parallel with foregoing transverse axis is arranged above and belowDomain;

    Aforementioned sample bar show carve at the beginning of foregoing inspection, it is foregoing check terminate the expected moment, according to the aforementioned claim moment andIt is foregoing to check the delay moment for terminating the expected moment and trying to achieve;

    The analog result obtained by simulating the processing of implementation portion, is shown in foregoing monitoring picture by aforementioned means management serverOn,And then, aforementioned means management server receives and specifies the selection of aforementioned sample bar, the sample strip of the selection is relatedThe aforementioned sample processing information of sample is shown in the overlapping window being shown on foregoing operating area;

    Configuration part based on the temporary preference degree set in aforementioned window, simulation starting switch, temporary preference degree is set asThe operation of the configuration switch of formal relative importance value, carries out the simulation based on temporary preference degree, and implementation makes the temporary preference degree turn into justThe processing of formula relative importance value.

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