Illumination control system

Illumination control system

  • CN 101,854,763 A
  • Filed: 02/24/2010
  • Published: 10/06/2010
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/24/2009
  • Status: Active Application
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1. Lighting Control Assembly, operation by remote controller is to one or more lighting device setting group information, and one or more lighting devices that will have same group of information are as 1 group, be unit with the group to described lighting device light a lamp, turn off the light, brightness adjustment control, it is characterized in thatDescribed remote controller possesses Department of Communication Force, and this Department of Communication Force will send as wireless signal the group information that described lighting device is set,Described lighting device possesses:

  • lighting load;

    Lamp circuit is lit a lamp described lighting load;

    The remote controller acceptance division receives the group information that sends from described remote controller;

    Storage part, storage sets information;

    And control part, control described lamp circuit, carry out the lighting a lamp of described lighting load, turn off the light, brightness adjustment control, and will be stored in the group information of group information rewriting in the described storage part for receiving from described remote controller,Described storage portion stores is represented the group table of all the group information that can set and corresponding with described all group information respectively dimming ratio,Described control part is controlled described lamp circuit with reference to described group of table, and described lighting load is lit a lamp according to the dimming ratio corresponding with the group information that receives from described remote controller.

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