Circulating fluidized-bed reformer

Circulating fluidized-bed reformer

  • CN 101,855,165 B
  • Filed: 11/12/2008
  • Issued: 07/29/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/14/2007
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. circulating fluidized-bed reformer, it has:

  • supply water vapor together with reformer feed, utilizes circulating particles to heat, and is reformed by reformer feed thus and generates the fluidized-bed reforming furnace of reformed gas;

    Import the circulating particles of fluidized-bed reforming furnace and utilize the fluid-bed combustion furnace of the above-mentioned circulating particles of the combustion heating of heating fuel;

    High temperature fluid with importing from fluid-bed combustion furnace discharge, is separated into combustion exhaust and circulating particles, the circulating particles of separation is supplied to the separator in above-mentioned fluidized-bed reforming furnace,It is characterized in that having;

    to the reformer feed feedway of the reformer feed of fluidized-bed reforming furnace supply specified amount;

    The fuel supply system of heating fuel is supplied in fluid-bed combustion furnace;

    With the heating fuel that adjustment is supplied in fluid-bed combustion furnace, give the control device of the circulating particles in fluid-bed combustion furnace with the heat that the reformer feed be supplied in fluidized-bed reforming furnace can be completed in fluidized-bed reforming furnace reformation,The reformer feed be wherein supplied in above-mentioned fluidized-bed reforming furnace be heavy oil, at least a kind of petroleum refinement pitch,In above-mentioned fluidized-bed reforming furnace, in the bellows of the bottom demarcated by air-diffuser, supply water vapor or other vaporized chemical, by from above-mentioned air-diffuser ejection water vapor, make the circulating particles fluidisation on top and form fluidized-bed,On the top of above-mentioned air-diffuser, form the particle introduction part of the circulating particles that the above-mentioned separator of supply is separated, form reforming section simultaneously, this reforming section is communicated with above-mentioned particle introduction part via in fluidized-bed by the interconnecting part close to air-diffuser,Described fluidized-bed reforming furnace makes described circulating particles fluidisation and forms fluidized-bed, to reform described reformer feed, the described circulating particles that temperature reduces because reforming reaction causes heat to be sucked away is back to fluid-bed combustion furnace by upflow tube and is again heated, and above-mentioned circulating particles is the catalyzer with reforming activity effect.

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