The method and apparatus of processing moving sequence

The method and apparatus of processing moving sequence

  • CN 101,878,486 B
  • Filed: 11/21/2008
  • Issued: 10/26/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/30/2007
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1. a method for processing moving sequence, comprises the steps:

  • A framing to the limiting time window in motion image sequence, obtains and describes reference frameRegion is relative to the estimation of the least one frame of change in a described framing, a described framingAt least one interior frame deviates described reference frame at time window intrinsic displacement,Wherein, described estimation at least includes the motion vector components that pair of orthogonal associates, instituteState the motion vector components of pair of orthogonal association be described in a frame of a described framing or multiframe itBetween the translational motion relevant to one or more regions;

    Wherein reference frame and described least one frame of region include at least a part for characteristics of image;

    WithSmooth described estimation on time window, described smoothing step comprises the following steps;

    Every in the motion vector components of the pair of orthogonal association of described estimationOne motion vector components, calculates smooth motion upper with the time and estimates corresponding smooth value;

    The track of described estimation is determined from the smooth value calculated on time window;

    The track of mobile described estimation makes the smooth value calculated for described reference frameMate the known location in region in described reference frame;

    The smooth value obtained from the track moved is utilized to replace smoothing on this time windowValue.

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