Method for preparing medicinal biological material

Method for preparing medicinal biological material

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  • Filed: 07/15/2010
  • Issued: 10/22/2014
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1. a preparation method for medicinal biological material, is characterized in that:

  • this method step is;

    (1) preparation of nanoscale fibroin albumenFirst from silk or cocoon shell, make pure fibroin fiber through dewaxing matter, decarburization hydrate and sericin removal, then dialysis after pure fibroin fiber is dissolved, finally use neutral protease to carry out enzymolysis to dialysate and prepare nanoscale fibroin albumen peptide;

    The dissolving of pure fibroin fiber is by CaCl 2/ C 2h 5oH/H 2o ternary solution completes, CaCl 2/ C 2h 5oH/H 2o ternary solution three'"'"'s mol ratio is 1;



    (2) preparation of Polyethylene Glycol acylateThe Polyethylene Glycol that is 200-800 by molecular weight and succinic anhydride add in reaction vessel, the mol ratio of Polyethylene Glycol and succinic anhydride is 1;

    1-1.2, the DMF that to add with succinic anhydride bath raio be 1;

    1-1.2 again, stir, be warming up to 80-90 DEG C of reaction 4-6h, reaction finishes to extract to remove unreacted succinic anhydride with cyclohexane extraction afterwards;

    In solution, add thionyl chloride afterwards, the mol ratio of thionyl chloride and Polyethylene Glycol is 1-1.2;

    1, condensing reflux reaction, until the no acidic gas in condensing tube exit while emitting reaction finish, and distill out unnecessary thionyl chloride, obtain Polyethylene Glycol acylate;

    (3) preparation of fibroin-ethylene glycol copolymerThe nanoscale fibroin albumen peptide preparing and Polyethylene Glycol acylate are prepared burden according to bath raio 1;

    10-15, first in nanoscale fibroin albumen peptide, add DMF to form mixed liquor, the bath raio of nanoscale fibroin albumen peptide and DMF is 1;

    5-10, in this mixed liquor, add again the Polyethylene Glycol acylate preparing, at 50-70 DEG C, heat 1-3h;

    Product is filtered, and washing, is dried and makes fibroin-ethylene glycol copolymer, and this fibroin-ethylene glycol copolymer is required medicinal biological material.

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