For the method installing forcing press

For the method installing forcing press

  • CN 101,898,426 B
  • Filed: 08/25/2009
  • Issued: 12/14/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/27/2009
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. for a method of installing press structure, described press structure include workbench (2),The collateral bar (3) that entablature (4) and at least two are inserted, described collateral bar (3) and described workStation (2) and described entablature (4) limit the passage (100) with longitudinal axis (A) together,The described method for installing press structure includes setting in advance with predetermined mutual initial distancePutting described workbench (2) and the step of described entablature (4), described mutual initial distance is by instituteThe described collateral bar (3) stated between workbench and described entablature is limited, it is characterised in that describedFurther comprising the steps of for installing the method for press structure:

  • Realizing at least one end ring individually, the realization of described end ring comprises the following steps;

    realize includingThe support frame (20) of at least two block element (21), described block element (21) is by two side levers (22)Separately;

    And flexible member (30) is wound around around described support frame (20), in order to tie up describedBlock element (21) and described side lever (22), thus by described block element (21) and described side lever (22)Combine;

    Described support frame (20) is linked in described press structure so that described end ring surroundsAt least some of and described entablature (4) of described workbench (2) at least some of;

    Resist the effect of described end ring, make described workbench (2) and described entablature (4) mutualAway from so that described end ring is pulled power,At least another pole (9) is inserted into described workbench (2) and described entablature (4)Between, be applied more than betwixt the mutual spacing of described mutual initial distance from, thus keepDescribed end ring is in traction state, andRemove described side lever (22).

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