A kind of electricity market simulating system adopting SOA technology

A kind of electricity market simulating system adopting SOA technology

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  • Filed: 07/21/2010
  • Issued: 01/20/2016
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1. one kind adopts the electricity market simulating system of SOA technology, comprise simulation modeling platform, simulation run parametric controller and analysis and evaluation platform, achieve the function of emulation experiment environment construction, emulation experiment arrangements, power market transaction process simulation and Electricity Market Operation state estimation;

  • The function of this system comprises for simulation objectives Object Creation and configuration electricity market model-power market simulation experiment scene;

    The electric power system model data corresponding to emulation experiment scene administer and maintain;

    The electricity market economic model data corresponding to emulation experiment scene administer and maintain;

    Configuration marketing rule, and the market clearing algorithm that trading rules are corresponding;

    Analog simulation can be carried out to the power market transaction of different trading rules;

    the simulation two kinds of modes adopting simulation based on intelligent agent and quotation Network Based, control the operation overall process of emulation experiment under emulation experiment scene;

    There is provided multiple Agent proxy bid algorithm, simulation market member quoting behavior;

    Simulate the market clearing under the rule of different market mode, work out electricity price result clearly, and carry out generalized analysis;

    The panorama of simulation process and Simulation result data is shown;

    Simulation result performance analysis, multidimensional analysis, electricity market comprehensive assessment;

    This system adopts Multi-tier distributive system design, open platform structure, and middle layer and data server all adopt unix system, and front end adopts the microcomputer workstation that reliability is high;

    Network configuration adopts Ethernet structure, and backbone network adopts 1000M Fast Ethernet, ensures the reliably fast of Internet Transmission;

    Database adopts large commercial database;

    The software configuration that this system uses comprises;

    1) showing interbedded formation;

    be made up of user interface, mutual for the treatment of user and application program, can be browser or any application program that can represent data;

    2) application service layer;

    be made up of application component or service logic and infrastructure service facility etc., the structure in middle layer meets J2EE specification;

    3) data Layer;

    store the data that application program needs;

    These data can comprise database, XML props up shelves etc.;

    The data cube computation technology that data Layer is defined by J2EE, is connected with displaying interbedded formation by application service layer;

    The described simulation based on intelligent agent adopts computational economics experiment, and the simulation of described quotation Network Based adopts experimental economics experiment;

    Described analysis and evaluation platform is responsible for carrying out analyzing and processing to emulation experiment process and result data, calculate all kinds of index according to market analysis evaluation theory, build appraisement system, and utilize data warehouse and visualization technique, analysis result is shown, forms all kinds of Market Report;

    The main task of analysis and evaluation platform calculates the data analysis of market simulation experiment, and provide the analysis conclusion of power market simulation;

    Specifically comprise;

    the Electricity market analysis appraisement system setting up a set of science;

    The Theories and methods of electricity market quantitative analysis evaluation is proposed;

    Set up market analysis evaluation system, by the data analysis of each link to power market transaction, overall assessment is provided to electricity market ruuning situation and market forces, potential market risk is provided alert, Electricity Market Rules is diagnosed and proposes to revise countermeasure;

    In conjunction with actual emulation experiment data, market evaluation system and theory are applied to reality, carry out monographic study;

    The major function of analysis and evaluation platform comprises;

    1) market surveillance information;

    be responsible for the collection of electricity market information, process and represent;

    The main result of the whole supervision of electricity market, data mining and analysis and evaluation, is all shown by monitor message system;

    Monitor message is monitored by market situation, generating side monitors, power purchase side monitors and scheduled for executing monitors that 4 subsystems form;

    2) data mining analysis;

    be the instrument that user provides a whole set of data mining, olap analysis process, datagraphic represent, comprise;

    on-line analysis instrument, chart Customization Tool and three-dimensional picture analysis tool;

    3) market form is issued;

    customize all kinds of analysis report template, automatically generates year, month, day analysis report.

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