A kind of power market simulation modeling method of sing on web GIS technology

A kind of power market simulation modeling method of sing on web GIS technology

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  • Filed: 07/21/2010
  • Issued: 04/20/2016
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1. a power market simulation modeling, described a kind of power market simulation modeling uses following method:

  • described method creates and configure the electricity transaction market of required emulation by WebGIS technology, namely power market simulation scene is set up, comprise;

    electric system physical model, electricity market economic model and marketing rule, specifically comprise the steps;

    (1) on GIS figure, market place is determined;

    Electricity market scene corresponding to this position and geographic position can be added with clicking by mouse right button in the relevant position of GIS map, after adding, GIS map increases the node icon representing this electricity market accordingly, after market scene adds, the node being represented this market by left mouse button click can be edited the essential information of market scene such as name information and revise;

    (2) on GIS figure, place of safety delimited according to system architecture;

    On the basis that previous step determines market scene title and geographic position, determine the electric system physical model of electricity market scene further, first determine that power system power supply safety zone divides, on GIS figure, add place of safety according to actual conditions and divide layer;

    (3) place of safety interconnection is determined;

    Place of safety interconnection is determined after determining power system power supply safety zone, also the virtual circuit model of the actual transmission line of electricity in each power supply safety district is namely contacted, comprise interconnection title and transmission line capability restricted information, the electric system physical model completed in power market simulation scene by step (2) and (3) two steps is set up;

    (4) GIS interface alternation mode is adopted to add market member'"'"'s input parameter;

    After setting up power market simulation scene and the foundation of electric system physical model wherein, set up electricity market economic model further;

    select electricity market scene by left mouse button click, after entering the market scene comprising electric system physical model, by clicking the mouse on GIS figure, right button adds power market transaction member, add market member'"'"'s relevant information simultaneously, comprise title, member'"'"'s installed capacity information;

    (5) market rules are selected;

    Set up the market rules in electricity market economic model in power market simulation scene, market rules be exactly that market information in electricity transaction is issued, quotation and carry out the computing method of trading clearing according to quotation.Described market rules are by pre-setting rule corresponding to several power market simulation test objective requirement market mode.Select from the rule pre-set in the final stage setting up power market simulation scene.After selection, the power market transaction rule in market scene will comprise;

    information presenting substance, market member'"'"'s price quoting method, transaction cycle and corresponding transaction results clearing price calculation algorithm.Described system comprises with lower module;

    GIS supporting platform, Web service platform, geographic information database, specialized database and provide application algorithm service such as go out monastic rule for Buddhists SOA service platform then;

    The Web GIS service that described GIS supporting platform provides system to need, shows geography information corresponding to power market simulation scene and environment according to the power market simulation layer that system is set up;

    Described Web service platform is the common software supporting platform of electricity market simulating system work, electricity market simulating system as one independently Web service application deployment on this platform;

    Described geographic information database, for storing the special map data mining platform of general geography information and corresponding electricity market simulating system, comprises aforesaid electricity market place of safety division figure layer data;

    Described specialized database is used for the specialized information in store power market simulation scene in physical model, comprises interconnection transmission line capability limit value information;

    Described SOA service platform is system algorithm service platform, and all algorithms related in power market simulation modeling all adopt the mode of SOA to be deployed in this SOA service platform.

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