Integration of physiological models in medical decision support systems

Integration of physiological models in medical decision support systems

  • CN 101,903,884 B
  • Filed: 12/09/2008
  • Issued: 05/17/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/18/2007
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1. a kind of clinical patients modeling (10), including:

  • The advance generation of patient physiological models (16,150), it includes at least one submodel of patient'"'"'s body physiological system,The submodel has multiple differential equations, the differential equation physiological parameter related to the physiological system (48) andRelation in variable (50), the physiological models include the known physiological data from patient population represented by the differential equation(44);

    Processor (18), the computing device algorithm, the algorithm solves the differential equation simultaneously at least one variableOutput result as the decision support data (22) part, wherein, the processor (18) is by solved at least oneVariable is compared with its desired value, and determine difference therebetween with produce the checking model (16, checking degree


    Model generator (12), it is configured to receive patient data (14), and the patient data (14) is inserted into the physiology mouldType (16,150) in, and export decision support data (22) and consider when diagnosing or treating the patient for user;

    AndUser interface (20), its be configured to receive one or more parameters (48) so that the model (16,150) adapt to describedUser is considering the imaginary situation that patient is placed in one,Wherein, the model generator (12) refines the mould in response to the parameter information that is input into via the user interface (20)Type (16,150), and wherein, by the decision support data (22) feed back to the model (16,150) in it is described to updateThe patient is simultaneously included that the conceived model for future in the patient population is simulated by model.

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