The dynamic advertising put-on method counted based on client and responding ability

The dynamic advertising put-on method counted based on client and responding ability

  • CN 101,918,967 B
  • Filed: 12/22/2008
  • Issued: 05/31/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/27/2007
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1. a kind of method for determining ad placement service instruction for dispensing advertisement, comprising steps of(a) set of one or more advertisements and condition service order is received from advertiser, it is every in the condition service orderOne includes condition for launching one or more of advertisements in one or more advertising business points, the advertising businessPoint is corresponding with for providing the time slot of one or more advertisements launched;

  • (b) it monitors at the customer rs premise for being oriented to receive one or more of advertisements by data network, be connected to instituteState the computerized equipment of data network, and by processor compiling about the client as group statistics using as describedMonitoring as a result, it is described statistics include at least the computerized equipment client use statistics, with obtain client statistics;

    (c) before pending advertising business point, the generation of the liaison centre agency monitored by liaison centre is received by the processorAvailability information is managed, the agent availability information provides the gray responding ability statistics, and the advertiser provides instituteAdvertisement is stated, the responding ability statistics is used to handle the interaction from the client generated due to provided advertisement,Described in the responding ability statistics instruction liaison centre associated with the advertiser handle by the client with mentionedThe advertisement of confession interacts and the abilities of one or more interaction that generate, and provided advertisement is selected from one or more of wideIt accuses;

    (d) client statistics and responding ability statistics are fed to processing engine, in the one of step (c) orBefore multiple advertising business points, carry out client described in comparison according at least one of condition service order rule is included inStatistics is counted with the responding ability, to specify one or more of advertisements in one or more of advertisings for obtainingThe result sentence of dispensing in business point;

    (e) it is based on the result sentence, at one or more of advertising business points of step (c), passes through the data networkAdvertisement of the network into one or more of advertisements of client'"'"'s delivery step (a);

    And(f) it in the customer interaction with the advertisement, establishes between the computerized equipment of the client and the liaison centreWrite to each other.

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