Military server

Military server

  • CN 101,923,375 B
  • Filed: 03/20/2010
  • Issued: 11/30/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: N/A
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a notebook server, belongs to the one of military server, is applied to computer realm;

  • It is as notebook computerBeing made up of a liquid crystal display and a main frame, liquid crystal display is linked on main frame by rotating shaft, and liquid crystal display edge is allRubber cushion and checkpost are distributed, main frame surface be integrated with a keyboard, a touchpad, a VFD window, one group of adhesive sticker button and two greatly byKey, host computer side EDS maps has a DC interface, a lithium battery and some computer interfaces, have in main frame a CD-ROM drive, have IOH chip,ICH chip;

    It is characterized in that;

    this notebook server comprises;

    One built-in closed tank high thermal conductivity metal LCD outer housing,One large-sized liquid crystal display screen,One built-in closed tank high thermal conductivity metal host housing,One server host board,Two processor-servers, three memory bars, two hard disks;

    Wherein, Large-size LCD Screen and driving plate thereof are fixed in LCD outer housing, constitute a liquid crystal display, lithium electricityPond, keyboard, VFD window, touch pad, one group of adhesive sticker button and two big keys are arranged on host housing, CD-ROM drive, server hostPlate, two hard disks, two processors, three memory bars are all arranged in host housing, and two processor-servers and three memory bars are arranged onOn server host board.

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