Double station flour packing machine and packing method thereof

Double station flour packing machine and packing method thereof

  • CN 101,934,870 A
  • Filed: 05/29/2010
  • Published: 01/05/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/10/2009
  • Status: Active Application
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1. double flour packaging method is characterized in that:

  • At first detect double flour packaging machine A scale, B scale folder bag incoming signal, if detect A scale, B scale folder bag number is arranged all, then instrument folder bag A scale, the output of B scale, if the material level incoming signal is arranged this moment, instrument output converting operation signal then starts simultaneously and large, medium and smallly carries out rapid loading to signal;

    When weighing value>

    expected value-a segment value, closing big voted signal equipment, to carry out middling speed reinforced;

    When weighing value>

    expected value-two segment value, close two and enter at a slow speed reinforced process to signalling set, instrument stops to export the converting operation signal when weighing value>

    expected value-drop value, and equipment stops to feed in raw material, and output Finsh finishes signal;

    Equipment enters bag process of shaking;

    the bag that shakes is counted to, and it is that the A scale is finished or the B scale is finished that instrument detects automatically, is the A scale as what finish earlier, and then A scale instrument is exported pine bag signal, and load-transfer device starts, and material is delivered to sewing machine;

    As what finish earlier is the B scale, and then whether B scale instrument detects the A scale automatically and finish;

    For the material of avoiding A scale, B scale bumps against in course of conveying, automatically detecting is whether the A scale has the folder bag signal, and reinforced as the A scale, then load-transfer device does not start, wait the A scale to finish after, load-transfer device starts, and the material that A scale, B scale are finished is delivered to sewing machine;

    When stuff level switch is invalid, and go up when also having material in the storage bin hopper, can give instrument material level signal by the manual reinforced button of bringing down stocks after the equipment folder bag, then equipment can move.

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