Spatial device

Spatial device

  • CN 101,936,088 B
  • Filed: 08/03/2010
  • Issued: 08/08/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/03/2010
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a room device is characterized in that, comprises air regulator, thermal insulation portion and stack;

  • Said thermal insulation portion comprises Active Interface, insulating layer and access;

    Said air regulator setting at least two installation positions are installed on said Active Interface through first installation position;

    The air intake vent of said air regulator and air outlet all communicate with said thermal insulation portion through said Active Interface;

    Said insulating layer forms a semi-enclosed at least space, is used to reduce said interior volume and outside conduction of heat;

    Said access is provided with opening and closed condition, and said opening is used for through human body or object, and said closed condition is used to keep the closure in said space;

    Said stack is arranged between said air regulator and the external environment condition, is installed on said air regulator through second installation position;

    Wherein, said air regulator setting at least two said first installation positions and at least two said second installation positions;

    Said air regulator comprises refrigeration section and heats portion for can be installed on the mini air conditioner in the mosquito net space;

    Said refrigeration section and said heat part from and be oppositely arranged, be used for end refrigeration, the other end heats;

    The air outlet of said refrigeration section and the said air outlet that heats portion are provided with said second installation position respectively;

    Said refrigeration section and the said portion of heating are provided with said first installation position respectively, and said air regulator is installed on said Active Interface through said first installation position;

    Air outlet at another place, said first installation position is installed an end of said stack through said second installation position, and its other end communicates with external environment condition;

    Wherein, the independent separately ventilation cycle of said refrigeration section and the said portion of heating;

    And said thermal insulation portion also is provided with vacant bottom, and said insulating layer and the exterior object that is positioned at said bottom are formed the space of a sealing;

    And said stack is provided with some apertures near an end of said air regulator;

    Said room device is arranged at indoor, and said stack penetrates locular wall and communicates with external environment condition;

    Said room device is a mosquito net.

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