Epoxidized soyate diesters and methods of using same

Epoxidized soyate diesters and methods of using same

  • CN 101,939,307 B
  • Filed: 02/04/2009
  • Issued: 04/22/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/12/2008
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. prepare a method for epoxidized soyate diesters, the method mixes the step of following component under being included in heating and agitation condition:

  • (a) epoxidised soybean oil lipid acid/fatty acid ester;

    (b) without hindrance polyvalent alcohol;

    With(c) catalyzer,Obtained epoxidized soyate diesters;

    Wherein, described catalyzer is a kind of catalyst system, and this system comprises;

    (i) Primary Catalysts, and it comprises metal hydroxides, and (ii) secondary catalyzer, and it comprises titanic acid ester;

    Described without hindrance polyvalent alcohol is selected from lower group;

    2-methyl isophthalic acid, ammediol, 2,2-dimethyl-1, ammediol, 1,3 butylene glycol, BDO, 2-methyl isophthalic acid, 4-butyleneglycol, 1,5-pentanediol, 2-methyl-2,4-pentanediol, 3-methyl isophthalic acid, 5-pentanediol, 1,3-hexylene glycol, 1,4-hexylene glycol, 1,5-hexylene glycol, 1,6-hexylene glycol and their combination.

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