Method and device for injection molding plastic material

Method and device for injection molding plastic material

  • CN 101,945,743 A
  • Filed: 02/11/2009
  • Published: 01/12/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/14/2008
  • Status: Active Application
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1. one kind is used for the particularly method of thermoplastic plastic material of injection moulding;

  • wherein there is pending initial plastic material particularly to exist with the form of bulk or particle-like polymer particulate or thin slice; and

    preferably from new goods and/or waste material;

    described initial plastic material is at first carried out preliminary treatment or preparation;

    wherein at least one storage container;

    in reactor or the cutting compressor reducer (1);

    under the situation of mixing or motion and/or fragmentation constantly;

    preferably be higher than under the temperature of glass transition temperature in the fusion temperature that is lower than plastic material;

    heat to plastic material;

    simultaneously particularly in a step;

    make crystallization;

    the limiting viscosity of drying and/or cleaning and/or raising plastic material;

    wherein in order to mix and/or heating of plastic materials;

    preferred use at least one to be arranged in case of necessity on a plurality of stacked up and down planes;

    particularly can be around the fragmentation or the blend tool (12) of vertical axes rotation;

    this fragmentation or blend tool have the working edge that material is produced fragmentation and/or immixture;

    wherein particularly heat by applying with mechanical energy;

    it is characterized in that;

    make to adopt this mode through pretreated or softening and particularly still be block plastic material;

    particularly directly under not having the situation of intergrade, transfer in the worm screw injection moulding apparatus (10); and

    plasticizing and be injected into for example prefabricated blank of profiled member in this worm screw injection moulding apparatus, this worm screw injection moulding apparatus have in housing (17) rotation and therein can be axially movable or be used as the worm screw (16) of piston.

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