Magnetic generator

Magnetic generator

  • CN 101,951,127 A
  • Filed: 09/08/2010
  • Published: 01/19/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/08/2010
  • Status: Active Application
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1. magnetic-energy generator, comprise rotor and stator, it is characterized in that, described rotor is formed n (n=4,6,8 by n permanent magnets and a round pallet that has central shaft hole identical shaped, suitable magnetic flux ..., 30) individual permanent magnets with " N-S-N-S ... " sequence interval is arranged and is fixed on the face of described supporting plate;

  • Described stator is by m (m=1,2,3 ...

         20) individual armature is formed, the iron core of each armature is formed by stacking by the closed silicon steel sheet of rectangle, be wound with an armature winding and a closing coil on each iron core, described armature winding is wrapped on three frames of iron core, form three sections series coils, the stage casing coil of this series coil is A coil (induction coil), two coils in both sides are B coil (magnetic stress coils), the equal turn numbers of A coil and B coil, described closing coil is on another frame of iron core, the number of turn of the number of turn of closing coil and A coil or B coil is complementary, be that the magnetic field intensity that closing coil magnetic field intensity of inducting and armature coil are inducted is complementary, all armatures are near-end with the A coil, and closing coil is a far-end, form stator around the same circumferential arrangement of rotor shaft center line periphery at interval side by side;

    Described rotor has two, and is coaxial, lay respectively at the stator both sides and and stator between running clearance is arranged, the magnetic pole of two magnetic patch of position correspondence is respectively the N and the S utmost point on two rotors, and its magnetic line of force vertically passes the A coil of armature winding;

    Frame or support and casing are formed the external structure of generator, and armature spindle is connected with external impetus mechanism.

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