Production method for replacing flexible circuit board with rigid circuit board

Production method for replacing flexible circuit board with rigid circuit board

  • CN 101,951,728 A
  • Filed: 09/10/2010
  • Published: 01/19/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/10/2010
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1. make the production method that wiring board replaces Flexible Printed Circuit firmly for one kind, it is characterized in that comprising step:

  • 1) the preceding operation of raw material is handledTo cutting surface clean and oven dry for copper-clad plate and the resin film of ±

    0.35mil through the thickness of slab tolerance of passed examination;

    2) inner line figure shifts and the inspection of lineStick one deck photosensitive material on above-mentioned wiring board face Copper Foil, carry out the contraposition exposure by the black film then, the back of developing forms line pattern, adopts automatic optical detecting instrument detection line plate face whether to occur that circuit is disconnected, poor short circuit;

    3) pressing plateAbove-mentioned circuit base plate and resin film are arranged in the same way by design, and pressing obtains the lamination wiring board;

    4) boring and heavy copperAbove-mentioned lamination wiring board adopts the high rigidity bit to bore through hole formulating the zone, and the method by heavy copper the inner hole deposition of the lamination wiring board of holing amass out one deck conductting layer with layer between the copper layer, make described through hole become via;

    5) panel platingAdopt the method for electric plating of whole board that above-mentioned lamination wiring board is electroplated, the lengthening current impulse time, make via and plate face on the lamination wiring board all obtain certain thickness conductive copper;

    6) outer-layer circuit figure transferStick one deck photosensitive material on the copper foil surface of above-mentioned wiring board, carry out the contraposition exposure by the yellow film then, the back of developing forms line pattern;

    7) etchingAbove-mentioned wiring board is put into etching liquid medicine, and etching off logicalnot circuit copper layer exposes circuit pack, gets shaped wire road pattern to the end;

    8) solder-mask printing oilThe place that does not need in the circuit board to mount electronic devices and components stamps layer of even sensitization green oil film, the thickness deviation ±

    0.2mil of strict control sensitization green oil film;

    9) chemical nickel, goldUtilize chemical method on the independent copper wire of above-mentioned wiring board, to deposit the nickel dam of regulation required thickness, and on nickel dam, plate one deck gold;

    10) back operationPrint character on above-mentioned wiring board utilizes Numerical control cutting equipment that above-mentioned circuit base plate is cut into the product of given size, shape afterwards, utilizes electron detection device to put in order plate then and detects.

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