A kind of based on the call queueing system and the method for calling that present information

A kind of based on the call queueing system and the method for calling that present information

  • CN 101,958,982 B
  • Filed: 07/16/2009
  • Issued: 06/15/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/16/2009
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1. one kind based on the call queueing system presenting information, it is characterised in that including:

  • Terminal call module, is used for collecting user and presents information, and accesses presence server and complete to present information reporting, wherein, described in present information and at least include one below;

    User Status, terminal capability, positional information, personal like;

    Presence server, presents information for what collect user terminal;

    Present data obtaining module, for presence server complete user present information inquiry or by resolve terminal call session description message obtain terminal present information;

    Application server, after receiving the calling that terminal is initiated to call center, completes terminal present the inquiry of information to presenting data obtaining module, and specification user presents information;

    Computer telephone integration server, is connected with described application server, for when terminal selects manual position, terminal being ranked processs according to the described information that presents, for the seat that terminal selection is suitable;

    Wherein, described application server specification user presents information and includes;

    Presenting information obtain failed or empty if must fill out, described application server is filled with default information, and described default information configures in application server system, is loaded into described call queueing system during initialization;

    The information that presents that described application server obtains obtains from multiple information sources, and application server will present information and carry out classification process by classification set in advance, and change into the described discernible mark of Automated library system server;

    For the user-defined information that presents, described application server carries out personalized classification by Keywords matching and processes.

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